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Their sole purpose is to separate tea leaves from the tea, typically accomplished by pouring a teapot over the strainer and into either a mug or another teapot. Many brands and websites use the terms interchangeably even though infusers and strainers are different. This small tea ball infuser is ideal for our loose-leaf tea. It makes brewing loose-leaf a breeze and works great for tea cups, mugs, or teapots. Made with stainless steel, this infuser can handle higher temperatures. Our Tea Over Ice® pyramid infusers are specially blended and balanced to be fresh and flavorful through the flash chilling process.

Finest quality green tea leaves, blended with fruits, flowers and herbs. Wellness-focused teas to relax, restore and revitalize the mind and body, inspired by the elegance and holistic knowledge of fine luxury spas. Organic green tea blends and herbal tisanes come together to support a calm state of mind, glowing complexion, enlivened spirit, fortified defense and purified sense of calm. Curated with The New York Botanical Garden, Paradis is inspired by the verdant living collections of The Garden’s 250 acres and showcases an assortment that will transport the senses. Check this link to know more about tea infuser www.tea-infuser.com

Tea Forté’s caffeine-free herbal tea infusions use hand-harvested herbs, aromatic flowers, healthful fruits, premium spices, roots, seeds and rare botanicals from around the world. Complex and assertive, black tea is the most consumed of all the teas. Relax, restore and revitalize the mind and body with Wellbeing, a wellness-focused tea collection, inspired by the elegance and holistic knowledge of fine luxury spas. Caffeine-free refers to offerings that are not related to Camellia Sinensis, the species of plant whose leaves and buds are used to produce tea. Examples of naturally caffeine-free plants are hibiscus, chamomile and rooibos, which are used to create herbal infusions known as tisanes. This is the place to shop all of Tea Forté’s newest tea blends.

Another small difference to pay attention to is if it has a lid that also functions as a drip tray, as this is an especially handy feature. Expect infuser baskets to be more expensive than tea balls but still extremely affordable. Shaped with double handles to sit perfectly in your mug, cup or teapot, this extra fine mesh infuser is perfect for both small and large leaf varieties. The large stainless steel basket is extra roomy and allows for larger leaf tea to fully expand and release maximum flavor – Oh la la! The fine hole pattern works great with super fine tea that may get through other tea infusers.

Every cup of tea starts with a simple decision between tea bags and loose leaf. Infusers are typically made of mesh stainless steel, but there are many unique options that can add a personal touch to each and every sip. The thick, double-walled ceramic keeps tea hot longer than many standard mugs will. Our tester found the mug too hot to touch for a couple of minutes after he steeped rooibos tea in 212-degree water. When steeping sencha green tea around 170 degrees, however, the exterior stayed cool. The 12-ounce mug and matching lid are dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so it’s easy to clean and reheat if needed.

Another nice feature is the handy silicone drip tray you can use after steeping to eliminate a potential mess. The main drawback, according to our reviewer, was that the silicone tops took longer than he would have liked to secure. It also felt precarious removing the infuser by the lid, but he did not encounter any spills.

Perfect to share when company comes calling—or to savor solo in a rare moment of downtime. While we offer a wide selection of specialty iced tea blends and iced teaware, you can also steep any of your favorite hot tea blends and serve them chilled over ice. Tea Forté’s oolong teas offer the perfect balance between the fresh, earthy flavor of green tea and the nuanced complexity of black tea. With adequate space to allow for either tea bags or loose-leaf tea to unfurl and move about freely maximizing flavor, plus a separate lid to lock in the aroma. Our Stainless Steel Tea Infuser is simple to use and the ideal accessory to create your perfect tea moment.

Works great for infusing a bit of flavor to dishes or making tea.

Each happy herbal and bountiful black, white or green infusion tea comes with a brewing guide which tells you how much, how long and at what temperature to brew. But we all dance to different tunes, so the amount of loose leaf tea to pop into mesh infusers is really up to you. Tea infusers are handy little must-have brewing tools for making the perfect cup of no-fuss loose leaf tea. At T2 these tea leaf receptacles come in many exciting and different shapes and sizes, taking their rightful place in every tea-lover’s teawares set.

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